Inherit the Wind
Summery of the book

Inherit the Wind
is a fictional story based on the actual events that happened in the Scopes Monkey Trial, in July of 1925. One day, Bert Cates, a subsitute teacher, taught evolution in the classroom. Teaching evolution was against the law back then, and he was put on trial. Since almost eveyone in his town was very strong in religion, many of them believed Cates should be punished for what he did. During the trial they argued about evolution and creation. People thought it was only right to teach about creation in school and didn't think he should get off easily.

Likes & Dislikes
Over all I would say that I liked the book. I really liked how it was a play and people that wanted to were able to act it out. I think that made the book a lot more interesting and made people want to read it. I also liked how the people in the play were arguing. I think this made the book more lively as well. One thing that i didn't like about the book was that the authors didn't really tell you much about what Cates did other then he taught evolution. I thought that the story just kind of started, and if you didn't know what really happened in the Scopes Monkey Trials that you were kind of hanging.

What can we learn from reading this book?
I think reading this book will teach people that just because someone doesn't believe in the same thing you do that they are not wrong. We might also learn that if we listen to others, then maybe they will listen to us in return.

Essential Questions

  • How do we handle our individual differences? I think most of the time people handle differences in the wrong way. Instead of accepting that people are different, we tend to make fun of them for it. I believe that people should respect the fact that everyone is different and move on.
  • Does tolerance equal acceptance? I do not think that tolerance equals acceptance. I think to accept something is to believe in it or to agree with it. On the other hand being able to tolerate something is to be capable to handle it, but not completely be in favor of it.
  • Can we tolerate someone/something without agreeing with them/it? I do think people are able to tolerate with someone or something without agreeing with them. You may be able to understand what a person has to say and respect it but not really agree with what they are saying.
Characterization Paragraph

Reflections on Paragraph

  • What did I learn from this writing assignment? I learned the correct way to set up a paragraph. I learned that in order to have a good paragraph, that you must have minor and major supports to prove what you are saying.
  • What did I do well in this unit? Overall I would say that I did well for the most part. I did the best in the organization of my paragraph and the content was well.
  • What areas could I improve on? Although I need a little bit of improvement in every section, I need the most in conventions. I have to be more careful and make sure to add commas where they are needed.