Huckleberry Finn
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Age: 13
Hobbies: fishing, rafting, hunting
Dislikes: being civilized
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Journals#1 Im tired of Ms. Watson. She's always tryin to make me sivilized. She makes me dress all fancy and and the clothes aren't comfortable at all. So I tried to run away. But then Tom found me. He finally talked me back into going back to the Widow Douglas. Later after I go home, I sneaked out along with Tom. As we was walkin past the kitchen, Ms. Watsons slave, Jim, heared us. So we went and hided from him. He waited outside the door for us, but then he went and fell asleep. So Tom taked his hat and hung it on a tree branch. When Jim woke up he told everyone that it had been witches that done it to 'em. A group of us boys met that night to make a band of robbers. Of course, Tom was in charge of it.

#2 This here band of robbers sounded like a good idea when we started it. We all had to take a oath and write our names in blood. We talked about who we was gonna steal things from people and then kill 'em. Sure, we was all excited to go to town and start our ransomin, but it never did happen. We was always just pretend to do things. One day, Tom starting telling us how there was A-rabs and Spaniards, and we was all gonna ambuscade it. We all got our stuff ready to attack, and then we go for it. Turned out our raid was just on a sunday school picnic. There were never no A-rabs or Spaniards,Tom was just making it all up. This whole band of robbers thing just ain't what i thought it was gonna be. I'm tired of doing nothing.

#3 My pap is back, and he wants me to come and live with 'em again. In one way I wanna, to get away from Ms. Watson and bein' sivilized. But then again, my pap wasn't always the nicest man to me. I decide that I would be better off livin' with pap. I can do as I please and not wear those clothes of Ms. Watsons no more. But, once I start livin' with pap, I realized that I had been all wrong. Everyday when pap leaves, he locks me in the house with nothing to do. When he finally returns, he is drunken and mean. So I says to myself, I gotta get out of here. When I found the canoe in the river, I knew I had a chance to escape. I made the area around paps house look as though I got murder. I looked quite real, if I do say so myself. After I was finished, I got my canoe and headed toward Jackson Island. I figured since no one lived on it, it would be a good place to go.

#4 When I got to the island I was very tired, so I went to sleep. The next morning I was awoken by loud booming sounds coming from a ferryboat. On the boat were a bunch of people out lookin for my body. Pap was there, and Tom and the Judge. Turns out that everyone thought I was dead for sure. My plan had worked. But after a little while I started to get a bit lonely. I wish that I had someone there with me to spend time with. But I didn't so I had to make the best of it. Later one I was walkin around the island and found a campfire still smokin. I figured that had to mean that there was others on the island too. So I started to search around carefully in case the people were serchin for me. Thats when I came around Jim. I was actually quite happy to see someone that i knowed. Jim told me that everyone on the island though that Jim had killed me so now he was hidin. I was pretty glad that he had runed away too. Now I would have someone to spend time with, even if it was Ms. Watsons slave.

#5 Me and Jim continued to make our way down the river at night. Jim said that he wanted to get to Cairo so he could be free and then get his family back. I thought it was a foolish idea. Then I got to thinking that if Jim got caught that I would be in just as much trouble if not more. I didn't like the thought of this, but I couldn't turn on him now, we had gone through so much together. One night while we was travelin, there was a bad fog. Jim was on the raft and I was in the canoe. Some how we ended up spliting apart and floating off. For a while me and Jim wooped back and forth. A lot of the time I couldn't tell were he was at. Soon it became to hard to try to keep up with him, so we gave up. I eventually saw the raft floating ahead of me. When I reached it, Jim was fast asleep. I tried to make him believe that it was all a dream and I was on the raft the whole time. But he knowed I was lying to him and was disappointed. I felt bad afterward for playing that trick on him and tried not to ever again.